Why I Treat Walking as Seriously as My Workouts

Changing my opinion on walking has completely changed my lifestyle. Growing up in a suburb, I drove everywhere and walked little. That’s not to say I wasn’t active, I participated in several organized sports and followed a strict workout routine over the summers. But my attitude towards physical activity was a very one and done, check the box type of mentality.

10 years and many lifestyle changes later, I care about my low-grade activity throughout the day almost more than carving out time for a specific workout. How much I move throughout a day affects my mood, my energy, my focus, and my productivity more so than any single workout. Not to mention the weight control, immunity, and anti-anxiety benefits associated with walking. In fact, some of the greatest minds of our time (including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to name a few) swear by walking as a thinking tool.

Take it from someone with an all-or-nothing personality, sometimes the slow burn is best. What does it look like? I walk rather than taking the subway when I have time, I stand during meetings, pace taking conference calls, go on a walk while calling my family or catching up with friends, park farther away from the store than I need to, raise my hand to walk the dog or run an errand.

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