Debate Drinking Game

As we approach the first Presidential Debate this Tuesday, adding levity to such a charged evening seems both impossible and necessary– but I do believe that it is feasible to simultaneously pay attention and poke fun. So in honor of what promises to be an entertaining evening, please find below guidelines to make it even more entertaining.

PS: Get out and VOTE!

Take One Sip If:

  • Trump refers to COVID as the “China virus”
  • Biden points out that Trump is, in fact, President right now 
  • Trump uses more than one modifier in the same sentence (really, very, great, good, etc.)
  • Biden says “C’mon man”

Take Two Sips If:

  • Someone brings up Obama 
  • Biden says “malarky”
  • Someone mentions a Trump family member
  • Trump notes he’s spoken with [insert world leader] and they love him
  • Chris Wallace gets interrupted

Finish Your Drink If

  • Trump denies global warming
  • Biden forgets someone’s name

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