The Best Supplements and Natural Remedies for Everyday Nuisances

The seasons are changing, which means that most of us will have moments where things feel a bit out of whack. Whether it’s indigestion, stiff joints, or just feeling generally under the weather, change in seasons is scientifically proven to affect how our bodies function. And, seasonal change aside, there are a myriad of other reasons we might experience discomfort (I’m looking at you, 2020-induced stress).

Whatever the cause, many of the easiest solutions fly under the radar. There is no such thing as a fix-all, but I have personally found relief from many of the natural remedies below:


Valerian, Valerian, Valerian.

If you’ve struggled with Insomnia, either when going to bed or waking up throughout the night, you’ve probably tried Melatonin by now. Nothing wrong with that, but personally, it always leaves me groggy and isn’t always as effective as I would like. Plus, if you tend towards 4 AM wake-ups like I do, you might be reticent to take anything too late in the night that could bleed over into your workday. Valerian works quickly, without the ‘hangover effect’ that often comes with Melatonin or other sleep aids. The use of Valerian root dates back to Greek and Roman empires, and is frequently used in Europe as a natural remedy to fight anxiety.


Instead of heading to your nearest drugstore or powering through until your symptoms become overpowering, try Echinacea. Another herbal remedy, Echinacea’s ability to naturally boost your immune system makes it worth braving the bitter taste. Pro Tip: Take it with orange juice to mask the flavor and get some added Vitamin C!


Silica is probably the best-kept secret when it comes to headaches or migraines, especially if they are hormonal or tension-induced. If you are struggling with symptoms of chronic headaches, try including Silica in your diet. Many drugstores or health food stores sell Silica in supplement form, but you can also reap the benefits from bottled water, such as Fiji, that includes added Silica.


As someone who has struggled with persistent stomach trouble, I could probably write a novel on this one. I’ll save that for later. But just take my word on this, most nausea or sour stomach symptoms can be solved with Ginger, Black Licorice, or Rooibos Tea.


Winter is right around the corner, and if you struggle with arthritis, tension, or general inflammation (did I cover everyone yet?) your body is probably not loving the change in climate. Sorry, but Vitamin D can’t solve everything. Turmeric and Magnesium have been used for centuries to combat inflammation and associated conditions.

Tldr; Homeopathic remedies can’t solve everything. But minor tweaks can have significant long-term effects, and help to support other therapeutics in addressing common issues.


*While I have found these remedies to work for me, everyone is different. These suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission (at no cost to you) if you click on a link and make a purchase. Rest assured, all are products I genuinely use and have found to make a difference!